Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Originally posted 2017-09-06 11:37:44.

Phishing Remove MalwareIn the last couple of years many online services have started offering two factor authentication (2FA). DEW IT & Web Services in Kariong can help you set this up to protect yourself. Even if you are hit with a phishing attack, you will be protected as the hacker will not have the needed key to access your account.

We strongly recommend that wherever possible you use this additional layer of security to protect your online accounts.

What 2FA does it in addition to entering a username and a password to access a site (like your online banking) it also requires you to enter a one-use security code which is sent to you either using an authenticator app on your mobile phone or by sending you an SMS text message with the code. So effectively it requires you to enter information you know (username and password) and something you have in your possession (a mobile phone to receive the code).

All those celebrities getting hacked and their porn/home movies being stolen? Yeah – they didn’t have their iCloud accounts secured with 2FA.

2FA is an added level of complexity and to be honest is a total pain if you don’t carry your phone with you everywhere, but do you really want someone to be able to hack your account and steal your private information or transfer all your money to an off-shore account? It is really worth the inconvenience!

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