Certification by eBusiness Institute for Web Design & Site Optimisation

David Williams CEO & SEO expertThe Directors of DEW IT & Web Services including David Williams have been certified by Matt Raad of the eBusiness Institute of Australia having successfully completed the Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program, a 12 month program in growth digital marketing & entrepreneurship.

This comprehensive training and education program includes competencies in the following subjects:





  • Growth Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Website Design, Development and Live Launches
  • UX Design and Development
  • Keyword and Competition Research
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Auditing
  • Content Marketing and Scheduling
  • Website Conversion Optimisation
  • Website Monetisation
  • Website Renovation
  • Website Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Website Data Analysis
  • Website Security and Webmaster Management
  • Digital Agency Setup and Processes
  • Digital Agency Sales and Negotiation Skills
  • Digital Outsource and Project Management
  • Solutions Based Thinking, Time Management and Goal Setting

Completion of this course also enables us to display the following badges on our site:


This certification is in addition to our original certification of completion of the WebDev Accelerator Website Development Program with competencies in the following modules:

  • Fundamentals of Effective Digital Marketing
  • Webmaster Competencies Including Domain Setup and Management, Hosting Setup and Management, cPanel Management and WordPress Setup
  • Search Engine Optimisation for Business Websites Including Keyword and Competition Research, SEO Optimized Website Design
  • Effective Website Layout and Sitemapping
  • Website Design Using UX and UI Principles
  • Design, Development and Live Launch of a WordPress Website
  • Assessment Completed Successfully – Website Build Review and Assessment

Completion and Assessment enables us to use the following badges on our site:

eBusiness Institute Digital Training and CertificationeBusiness Institute Digital Training and Certification

WebDev Accelerator Website Development Program - David WilliamsDavid Williams certification in Website Design by eBusiness Institute

Certificate in Digital Marketing - David Williams