Home Automation Central Coast

xiaomi wifi switchesOne of the things I enjoy doing most is using technology to improve and enhance mundane tasks around the home. Even if it is just simple things such as making sure the coffee maker is turned on when I get up in the morning and warmed up enough to make that first cup of coffee or making sure there are no annoying flashing lights in the bedroom at night because something is charging or even making sure some lights come on in our living room at night.

Trivial tasks? Sure. So what! The make life easier and it’s fun to use cheap readily available technology in a useful way.

I have already written a lot of articles about various aspects of home automation. Some of them are reminders to me of how I did something or worked something out. I hope you find them useful as well.

As part of our business we can of course assist you whatever your home automation requirements.

Depending on your location, we will come to you at a time that suits you, even out-of-hours. All our services are provided by arrangement with no set operating hours so contact-us at our Kariong office either by filling in the form on the contact us page or call us now on 0409 074 203.

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