How much should a Small Business Web Design Cost?

Originally posted 2017-06-27 14:22:33.

online-marketing-gosfordYou only need do a quick search on Google or watch your TV to be inundated with advertisements for all kinds of websites with promises that you can do-it-yourself or have a great site for next-to-nothing.

Well that is true! However, as with anything there is often a temptation to go with the cheapest option. You will see websites advertised from between $400-$700, however it is important you understand what you are purchasing as these products always have limitations.

These will inevitably be out-of-the-box solutions and you won’t get any consultation or customisation that can be essential so that the website is best serving your business interests, ranking in search engines so that customers can find you and leading to customers taking action.

A budget of between $3000 – $10,000 should enable you to get a professionally designed and developed website for your small business. We want to provide your business with an affordable web design service tailored for you.

Our approach is to consult with you and ensure the site will provide relevant information that is easily accessible to your customers and will be optimised for the kinds of searches they are typing into search engines. We use WordPress as the content management system which will allow you to easily add and update content to your site.

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