Website Audits to make sure your site is optimised

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website compliance and audits

We offer a Website Design Central Coast Audit service to help you ensure that your website is:

  • Secure
  • Backed-Up
  • Free from Malware
  • Owned by your business
  • Getting the kind of leads and conversions you desire
  • Attracting the kinds of customers you want
  • Converting to sales for your most profitable products
  • Setup correctly to measure results
  • Compliance
  • Strong Passwords
  • User Privileges
  • Updates for Themes and Plugins
  • Broken Links
  • Backlink Profile

To perform the website audit, we will need to be able to access the cPanel for the site as well as have the a username with administration privileges for WordPress on the site and password. We will need to copy a small file to the site to verify ownership so as to do an in-depth scan of the site. We will also need to add a plugin to your WordPress installation.


There are a lot of hackers trying everyday to hack your site and compromise it so they can use it unbeknownst to most of your users and you. We will perform a security scan of your site and ensure it is not vulnerable.


Unfortunately, from time to time it is possible that your site could be hacked or you could even make some change and all of a sudden your site stops working. As part of our audit, we will make a backup of your site that can be restored if this was to happen.

Free from Malware

It is essential to make sure your site is free from malware and not infecting visitors to your site. We will do a malware scan of your site.

Owned by your business

At face value it might seem odd to have this item to be checked however, it is wise for a business to be sure they actually are the registrant contact for the domain name of the site. Often if a web designer has registered the domain name they will have listed themselves as the registrant and it is the registrant who has the control over the site. This is all well and good until the developer disappears (as has happened to some businesses).

Getting the kind of leads and conversions you desire

How are your clients finding your site in the search engines? Is your site optimised so that the kinds of things you want your clients to find on your site are coming up as search results when the client is searching the internet?  What does Google think your site is about? Is this the same as what you think it is about? We can do a basic report showing how clients are finding your site now. This is powerful information for you to be able to fine tune your site to attract the customers you want who have money to spend and will increase leads and conversions from your site. (For best results, we would need access to the Google Analytics for the site)

Attracting the kinds of customers you want

This is part of the previous section and the kinds of customers you want may vary depending on the aim of your site.

Is your site providing general information or is it trying to sell something? What do you want a client to do when they come to your site? Is this desire congruent with how your site is constructed?

Converting to sales for your most profitable products

Optimising a site for search engines is great however is the site laid out to direct traffic to your most profitable products?

Setup correctly to measure results

Checking and if necessary making sure you are getting results from Google Analytrics to help you make decisions and optimise your site.


Does your site have compliance pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy? Would it surprise you to know that on most sites one of the most visited pages is About Us? Not having these pages and not supplying a good user experience will lead to poor rankings in search engines.

Strong Passwords

It should go without saying but we will check to make sure your site enforces a strong password policy as part of the audit.

User Privileges

How many users of your site have admin privileges? A policy of least privilege whereby users only have the access they need is vital to keep your site secure.

Updates for Themes and Plugins

Over time, sometimes themes and plugins are updated and it is important to apply these updates to keep your site secure. Sometimes, a plugin developer might sell his plugin to another person or company and it has happened that the new owner has inserted malicious code into the plugin, or sometimes a plugin may just be abandoned by the author. We will check plugins are supported, up-to-date and not compromised.

Broken Links

Sometimes links can get broken – particularly external links but internal links can break as well. Broken links provide a poor user experience and can result in your site slipping in the search engines. We will check and fix these links.

Backlink Profile

We will look at your sites backlink profile. If you have spammy backlinks or have paid for SEO links in the past this could be adversely affecting your Search Engine rankings.

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