New Tasmota Firmware for Sonoff 6.4.x and Home Assistant Discovery

sonoff s22 switch mqtt firmware

This post is my latest in a series of posts about using Sonoff devices in Home Assistant over MQTT. The main reason for yet another post is that the latest version 6.4.x firmware for Tasmota has changed the way it interacts with Home Assistant MQTT Discovery and there are also some other gotchas with the Arduino Core version used. OK I’ll stop talking jargon real soon I promise and hopefully that will make everything more clear. First though, I’m just going to recap and post links to all my articles on the Sonoff Switches and Tasmota already posted on this

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Migrating to NBN

web design central coast nsw

Originally posted 2018-05-21 17:00:20. In Kariong we were originally scheduled to be connected to the NBN in November 2013. That was around the time the Liberal Government under Tony Abbot came to power and I think the NBN had been slow walking everything anyway expecting the change of government. Rudd budgeted $48 BILLION AUD (if memory serves) and I think at this point, the cost to date has been more than $90 billion and for the most part for an inferior FTTN type connection. It’s easy to blame Abbott & Turnbull for this debacle but in my opinion it goes

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How to setup Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi

home automation with home assistant

Originally posted 2018-02-12 11:06:20. What can you do with Home Automation and Why should I be interested? I’m assuming upfront that if you have found this article by searching then you are probably interested in home automation of at least have an open mind and would like to know how to setup Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi. I’ll say that my wife is not a fan at all of Home Automation and probably regrets the day that she was given a Google Home device as a work gift to all employees as it opened up a world of possibilities

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Links in emails

phishing gosford

Originally posted 2017-05-24 07:59:31. Don’t open emails from dodgy sources! Always check that a link in an email is going where you expect it to be going. If you hover your mouse over the link it will show you where it is going. So called phishing scams are even more prevalent than computer viruses these days. A good computer anti-virus software (I use NOD32 from Eset) will protect you from this kind of stuff in your emails. See our colleagues Web Design Company Fresno – Web Design and Internet Marketing service provider in Fresno. offer website design and graphic

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Why is it important to do a Website SEO Audits & what do you look for?

SEO - search engine optimisation Central Coast

Originally posted 2018-12-18 15:54:46.   A website SEO audit involves analysing the on page SEO factors affecting the ranking of a website. On-page SEO is very important as it affects where your website ranks in the search engines like Google. While it is impossible to make any hard promises about where a site will rank as that is solely in the control of companies like Google, it is possible for us to optimize the on page SEO factors on a page/site to increase the probability of it ranking well. It is important to understand there are no 100% guarantees anyone

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