Originally posted 2017-05-23 17:44:38.

hacker ransomeware gosfordYes it’s enough to make a grown man cry.

Through the magic of the CIA, they managed to have a leak of the ‘tools’ they use to crack into your computer some months ago. Wikileaks got hold of this and now we have a nasty piece of malware called Wannacry.

This is ransomeware that demands payment to unencrypt your files and give you your data back.

Essentially, your only option is to pay and hope they give you the unlock key.

Going forward, you would not have been infected or vulnerable to this malware if you had allowed Windows to update to the latest version. Unless you are a large corporate enterprise, there’s little reason to not allow your computer to update whenever an update is available.

You should also make sure Windows Defender is active or use some other security product like Eset NOD32.

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