Using SEO to drive growth to your website

SEO - search engine optimisation Central Coast

Originally posted 2018-02-09 14:49:41. I was recently listening to a great podcast on Michael Covels Trend Following Podcast with John Jantsch from January 2017. Covels podcast is ostensibly a share/financial markets trading podcast but he has a habit of interviewing some really interesting people who have nothing to do with trading at all. I have purchased more than one non-trading related books from authors he has interviewed and get a lot of great information from his podcasts. Highly recommended! The RSS feed for his podcast is at John Jantsch and Phil Singleton wrote a book called SEO for Growth

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Installing Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 3 and running from a USB stick

kodi runs on a raspberry pi

Originally posted 2018-02-20 14:36:19. This article is an adaptation of an article on the home assistant community forum. The forum post was great but like a lot of posts, everything makes perfect sense in retrospect and often some of the intermediate steps are unclear even when you know what you are trying to achieve. This is a comprehensive step-by-step approach. For some us us (like me) Linux is not a fluent second language and I need more than just general directions to work things out sometimes. Note: This is only for the old ResinOS installation. There is currently no way

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Home Automation Kariong

google home kariong

Originally posted 2017-09-06 14:57:44. One of the most exciting new products recently released in Australia is the Google Home device. The RRP is currently $199 but various online vendors like Kogan have them for around $169. The Google Home is a personal digital assistant which you control using voice commands. You can issue commands for it to set an alarm for instance. Or it is also a speaker and if you use Google Play Music or Spotify to listen to music, you can issue a voice command for it to play an artist or playlist and it does it directly

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HostGator Problems – Avoid at all costs

Phishing Remove Malware

Originally posted 2017-11-09 16:40:28. This post is titled HostGator problems – avoid at all costs however in addition to addressing this, we can also discuss what makes a great host for web sites. Reasons why I am so over HostGator Biggest issue is the support these days is really poor. HostGator used to have a ticketing system but unfortunately these days all support is handled through live chat. It is still possible to ‘via the backdoor’ log a ticket however this is not advertised. Sending an email to will create a new ticket and they do actually respond although

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Website Audits to make sure your site is optimised

website compliance and audits

Originally posted 2018-01-05 17:35:19. We offer a Website Design Central Coast Audit service to help you ensure that your website is: Secure Backed-Up Free from Malware Owned by your business Getting the kind of leads and conversions you desire Attracting the kinds of customers you want Converting to sales for your most profitable products Setup correctly to measure results Compliance Strong Passwords User Privileges Updates for Themes and Plugins Broken Links Backlink Profile To perform the website audit, we will need to be able to access the cPanel for the site as well as have the a username with administration

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